Nutritional Injustice!

As I read more and become more convinced of the insulin resistance model of why people get fat, I find myself becoming disappointed at what Gary Taubes (in Why We Get Fat) calls the injustice of it all: for those more predisposed to get fat by eating carbohydrates (like I am), there’s probably no way of completely getting over it. It’ll probably always be the case that carbs will make me quite fat. Continue reading “Nutritional Injustice!”

Land Of Mine

What’s there to like?

I’ve been hoping to get to Land of Mine for a while now. It was nominated for the best foreign film academy award this year. I remember seeing previews for it at some point. (Must have been when I was still in New York?) But I’ve liked most of the several Danish movies I’ve seen, even though I’ve never seen any of the work of director Martin Zvandliet. So, put all that together, and I was happy to be able to see this one. Continue reading “Land Of Mine”

American Chess Players #gettingafterit

This probably isn’t news to anyone following chess in the last few years, but I’ve just come to realize that it’s a great time to be following the elite international chess circuit if you’re an American. There are three(!) Americans in the top ten rated grandmasters right now. I’m not enough of a chess historian to know whether that’s ever happened before, but I strongly suspect this is the first time.

There’s even a high level tournament going on right now in Norway. World champion Magnus Carlsen has been a little shaky. Rumor has it he’s got a new girlfriend or something. Whatever it is, he’s in ninth place out of ten as of today. American Hikaru Nakamura is currently in second place, just a half point out of first.

I know it’s totally dorky, but I’m enjoying the hell outta following this!

Pairing Boots with a (Leather) Kilt

The thing about acquiring a kilt–as I did on Sunday–is that along with it you get an entire set of new sartorial concerns. Kilts are normally worn with a sporran, special socks, garters, jacket, and ghillie brogues. Plus probably more than that, for all I know.

But since my kilt is the decidedly nontraditional leather, I’ve already taken it out of consideration for formal occasions, like, say Scottish Prom. So I’ve got a little more freedom in crafting the complete outfit as I see fit. Continue reading “Pairing Boots with a (Leather) Kilt”


Once upon a time I was a pretty decent chess player. You know, for a kid. After high school I even spent some time getting a little serious, going to some tournaments, reading books, etc. I didn’t set the world on fire or anything, but I did get to that point where I can beat pretty much anyone who hasn’t studied chess at least reasonably seriously pretty much every time. (Those that have studied, well, that’s a different story. . . .)

Last week, for some reason, I was hit with a strong urge to take chess up again, in a real way. Continue reading “Chess!”

An Affecting Death

My cousin died last week, at his own hands. I’m not especially close with any of my cousins. He was probably typical of that generality, though if I remember correctly his family might have lived with mine for a time when we were young, and I think we might have attended the same elementary school at some point. I certainly hadn’t spoken with him for many, many years.

I’m also–just to throw something out there that in other circumstances would likely warrant further discussion–not someone who is usually affected very much by people I know dying.

So I’m surprised at how much I keep thinking about this one. Continue reading “An Affecting Death”

Wonder Woman

What’s there to like?

I guess I’ll come right out and admit it. I just don’t get the hype. I feel like I’m going to come off as a serious crank here, but I don’t relate to the gushing acclaim I see from so many people. I mean, it’s not a terrible movie, just ordinary, and lacking in some key elements. Continue reading “Wonder Woman”